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Our Ecological Accounting
The GEA's annual plastic, carbon & biodiversity impacts.
Akuntansi ekologis keseimbangan abu-abu dan hijau

Pursuant to our mandate as an Earth Enterprise, we track and disclose our ecological impacts. This way we (and you) can be sure that our net-impact is green.

Our 2023 Regen Report of our enterprise's previous year of ecological impacts is now published and publicly available! This includes an accounting of our carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts.

📥 Download our latest Regenerativity Report (PDF 1.2MB).

Regen Reporting Ecological Accounting

All Years

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ecological accounting

Methods & Means

The principles, methodology & coeffecients behind our accounting.

Do your own Regen Reporting

To do our ecological accounting we use an enterprise catalyst account on the GoBrik platform. It allows us to track our plastic consumption and ecobricking each month. You can do so too!

Our Catalyst Program for keen green enterprises enables you to generate ecological impacts for your company or project. New tools for carbon and biodiversity accounting are being added for 2022.

🚀 Catalyst Program

Learn more about our free program & platform.

The Global Eco Brick Alliance

Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.

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Ecological Accounting of grey and green impacts

Ecological Accounting

Accounting for our grey and green ecological impacts is a key component of regenerative enterprise.

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See how we account
For-Earth Enterprise through eco bricking

Earthen Ethics

Ecobricks are based on the five principles of Earth's example.

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the earthen principle of supporting biodiversity in our spaces

Vitalizing Biodiversity

Just as Earth has vitalized processes that diversify, so too can we.