Our Ecological Accounting
Public disclosure of the Global Ecobrick Alliance's annual plastic, carbon & biodiversity impacts.

Pursuant to our mandate as an Earth Enterprise, we track and disclose our ecological impacts. This way we (and you) can be sure that our net-impact is green.

Our 2022 Regen Report of our enterprise's previous year of ecological impacts is now published and publicly available! This includes an accounting of our carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts.

Over 2021, the GEA's UK and Indonesian household bases increased their spacial support of biodiversity by 32% (268 m2) while hosting 152 species. We directly removed 1,472 kg of plastic through our trainer ecobricking. We also removed 4,448kg of CO2 from the biosphere through our trees, carbon offsetting and ecobricking carbon equivalency.

📥 Download our full 2022 Regenerativity Report (PDF 1.2MB).

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Methods & Means

The principles, methodology & coefficients behind our accounting.

Do your own Regen Reporting

To do our ecological accounting we use an enterprise catalyst account on the GoBrik platform. It allows us to track our plastic consumption and ecobricking each month. You can do so too!

Our Catalyst Program for keen green enterprises enables you to generate ecological impacts for your company or project. New tools for carbon and biodiversity accounting are being added for 2022.

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The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.

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By discolosing our carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts and by ensuring that they are net-green, the GEA commits to for-Earth Enterprise

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