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Our Open Books
The Global Ecobrick Alliance's Financial Accounting

As a for-Earth enterprise we account and disclose all of our finances to meet out our not-for-profit and net-green mandates.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance is an Earth Enterprise. This means that we that follows the principles of ecological contribution in the management of our finances and ecological impacts to ensure we are of benefit. It also means, that for full transparency and awareness, our financial and ecological accounting is disclosed for public review and audit.

Here on this page our OpenBooks system provides the disclosure of our finances. See our Regen Reporting for ecological accounting.

Our financial accounting is joined with our blockchain accounting to generate our annual cost per 1Kg of Authenticated Ecobrick Sequestered plastic (AES Plastic for short). This price is determined by dividing the total amount of plastic authenticated on the brikcoin blockchain each year by the total operational costs incurred that year by the GEA.

14.14  $ USD per 1 Kg of AES Plastic

This is the current price for the sale of AES plastic offsets.

Following the Earth's example through eco bricking

Earth Enterprise

The Global Ecobrick Alliance is a not-for-profit for-Earth enterprise dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. All our revenue and expenses, including income summaries can be found here in our in-house developed, Open Books system.

About the GEA

Live Revenues

A full listing of the GEA's ongoing revenue transactions.

Data live & current

All the GEA Revenue transactions
ID Date Sender Category Tran Name Amount USD Final Amt Type
ID Date Sender Category Tran Name Amount USD Final Amt Type

Live Expenses

A full listing of the GEA's ongoing expense transactions.

Data live & current

All the GEA Expense transactions
ID Date Category Receiver Tran Name Amount USD Final Amt Type
ID Date Category Receiver Tran Name Amount USD Final Amt Type

Current Year Expenses

A summary of the GEA's current year revenue.

Data live & current

ExpenseTransaction countYear Total
App services18.35 $ USD
Center Circle Salary (unpaid)21484.45 $ USD
Database & App4938.48 $ USD
Team Communication Platform229.98 $ USD
Visas2177.18 $ USD
Work Space2481.92 $ USD

YearTotal TransactionsTotal Expenses
2024133,120.36 $ USD

Current Year Revenue

A summary of the GEA's current year revenue.

Data live & current

CategoryTransactionsYear Total
AES Plastic Offset Purchase692.79 $ USD CDN72.45 $ USD
Trainer Course 20% Remittance139.82 $ USD

YearTotal Transactionstotal Revenue
202414135.06 $ USD

Year Summaries

OpenBooks totals from 2019 to 2024.

2024133,120.36 $ USD
20239725,020.54 $ USD
202211432,028.40 $ USD
202110424,483.24 $ USD
20208834,818.04 $ USD
201910932,862.46 $ USD
20186458.36 $ USD

202414135.06 $ USD
2023863,882.61 $ USD
2022704,042.33 $ USD
202111924,483.24 $ USD
20201243,176.34 $ USD
20191298,861,247.56 $ USD
20181135.53 $ USD

Historical AES Plastic Values

Totals and values from 2019 to 2024.

We use our data from the last year to calculate the cost per Kg of plastic offsets for this year.

For exmaple, it works like this: In 2021 the Global Ecobrick Alliance incurred $24,483.24  expenses in order to authenticate 10,176.38  Kg AES of ecobricked plastic. That works out a cost of 2.41$ USD per Kg in maintaining the block chain and authentication system . This set our valuation of the price per Kg of AES plastic in the year 2022. .

YearBRK GeneratedTotal AES plasticGEA Year Expenses1kg AES Value
20242,206.20 ß220.62 Kg3,120.36 $ USD14.14  $ USD
202322,289.60 ß2,228.96 Kg25,020.54 $ USD11.23  $ USD
202248,254.20 ß4,825.42 Kg32,028.40 $ USD6.64  $ USD
2021101,763.80 ß10,176.38 Kg24,483.24 $ USD2.41  $ USD
2020106,789.94 ß10,678.99 Kg34,818.04 $ USD3.26  $ USD
2019131,176.94 ß6,004.53 Kg32,862.46 $ USD5.47  $ USD

More Accounting!

Who said accounting is boring? We believe that accounting done right is far more than just financials. Every year we not only count our coins, but also the very species we host in our space, as well as our give and take of plastic and CO2. We also host the Brikcoin manual blockchain, which we provide a full, live digital ledger.

Brikcoin transactions are recorded separately on the Brikchain Explorer.

Our ecological accounting is disclosed separately in our annual regenerative reports.

Our accounting is grounded in the principles of Earthen Ethics. Learn more about our principles of financial and ecological energy management, ecological accounting and disclosure.

🚀 Our Principles

Our Accounting is guided by our regenerative principles

ecological accounting