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Catalyst Program
Track, disclose & accelerate your enterprise's plastic transition.

The way in which an Enterprise manages its plastic is one of its most telling Key Green Indicators (KGI).

We live in the age of fossil fuel transition. As petroleum by-product, how your enterprise manages its plastic is an telling indicator of where it is in the journey away from fossil fuel dependence. Whether your enterprise is reducing down to zero-waste or accelerating up into net-green, there's only one way to truly lead by example and make a definitive difference: Plastic tracking and disclosure.

Developed over the last three years with over a dozen companies small and large, from Sweden to Indonesia, our Catalyst program, allows enterprises to do just this. And more!

Using an automated estimation algorythm, your enterprise's annual plastic tracking can be setup in 15 minutes. Then, over the year, improve your reporting while increasing your green impacts. All your ecobricking, offsetting and community engagement are automatically credited to your account through the brikcoin manual blockchain.

Meanwhile, automatic live and yearly reports are generated summarizing your net impact. This way you can disclose your plastic transition professionaly and publicly on our third-party platform to inspire others with your efforts, courage and transparency.

Together we can catalyze plastic transition in our local and global communities.

Plastic Transition Tracking

Monitor your subtractive and additive plastic impacts over the year.

Today its clear that the vast majority of the plastic we use eventually makes its way to the biosphere. When your enterprise consumes or produces plastic, we call this a "grey plastic impact". Tracking your company's production and consumption of plastic is the first step in reducing one's grey impact on the environment.

net green impact

Get started in 15 minutes

The Catalyst program gets you going in no time using a process of estimation refinement. As an owner, manager of president of your enterprise you can estimate better than anyone else how much plastic you are currently using.

Month by month, you and your team will receive Plastic Transition reports. These reports will remind you and your team to step up their reduction and subtraction initiatives. As you put attention on your plastic you can refine your estimates.

Detailed Tracking

Once your enterprise has established systems for detailed plastic tracking and weighing, you can enabled month by month data entry. Managers can observe the enterprise's plastic transition charted over the year.

Reaching out to communities

By catalyzing ecobrick workshops in communities, you can gain credit for the ecobricks made by participants. Over the course of the year, our system can track in real time the social increase of your green impact.

Plastic Transition Disclosure

Certification & Hosting of your Report

You're passionate about the planet and so is your enterprise. So let the world know through open accounting and transparency! Plastic transition disclosure allows you to showcase your efforts, lead by example and inspire others.

ecological accounting score

Automated Reporting

The Catalyst program allows you to create yearly plastic impact reports that summarize your grey and green impacts. As a third-party host, we certify your AES plastic impacts so that you can confidently share them with your customers, clients and in government sustainability reviews.

Public Disclosure

ecological accounting score

Showcase your plastic transition with our GEA certified banners on your website, products and marketing. Link to your reports and showcase your plastic transition. Like this...

Plastic Transition Acceleration

Ecobricking, Offseting & Workshop Catalyzation.

But best of all, the Catalyst program allows you to take decisive and quantifiable action to green your enterprise's impact. You can use our system to log your ecobricks, buy AES plastic offsets and mobilize communities. The green impact of all these goes to the green credit of your enterprise. This credit shows up in your year end ecological accounting to balance off your grey impacts.

Authenticated Ecobrick Sequestered Plastic

There are three types of green impacts that can be certified as AES credit.

Authenticated Ecobrick Sequestered Plastic


Ecobricks logged by the staff in your company, then which are successfully authenticated on the Brikcoin blockchain, qualify as AES plastic.

Plastic Offsetting

Your enterprise can purchase plastic offset credit on the GoBrik platform using Brikcoins or cash, to credit you year end reporting.

Community Catalyzation

By sponsoring workshops in your community, the ecobricks of new ecobrickers are credited to your enterprise. By sponsoring GEA training of trainers workshops, the future trainers in these events, their ecobrickers and the communities they start, generate AES credits for your enterprise.

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See How We do It.

How the GEA and other Enterprises Use the Program

The Global Ecobrick Alliance

We're an enterprise too! And despite all our best efforts, we consume and produce plastic in our operations. We use the catalyst program to track, disclose and accelerate our plastic impacts. In the footer of our site and apps, we link to our public, past year reporting-- just click on this banner to see how we're doing:

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Ubud Raw Chocoloate

These guys make amazing chocoloate in Bali, Indonesia. They are also super keen to transition from plastic! They use the Catalyst program to monitor their monthly consumption of plastic from their suppliers, to the plastic they use for their product packaging. In 2021 they attained 105% zero-waste!

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The Global Eco Brick Alliance

Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.

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eco brik and earth building can make regenerative structures

Plastic Transition

Plastic is not an individual's 'waste'. Rather it is the resource required for our collective transition to regenerative living.

Plastic Offsetting

Our Catalyst Program allows you to offset your plastic generation and support the global ecobrick movement.

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