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Speed & Green Your Website
Connect Kbs of data acceleration
to Kgs of plastic removed
from the biosphere

Arc & are developing a way to speed up your website & support securing of plastic out of the biosphere.

What is Arc?

Arc est un service de réseau de diffusion de contenu (CDN) de site Web. Leur service peut être installé par les webmasters sur n'importe quel site. Nous l'avons en cours d'exécution sur notre site en ce moment ! Plutôt que de charger des sites à partir de serveurs centralisés souvent éloignés (le nôtre est à Singapour), Arc peut utiliser Internet pour partager les données de notre site que quelqu'un d'autre dans votre ville a téléchargées juste avant vous ! Cela permet d'économiser du temps, du travail sur le serveur et de l'énergie.

C'est comme un BitTorrent ultra-rapide pour les sites Web où tout le monde est gagnant.

What does do? is us– the Gobal Ecobrik Alliance. We're an Earth Enterprise focused on securing plastic out of the biosphere and accelerating plastic transition. Among many other things, we maintain the GoBrik platform where ecobrickers around the world can log their hard work sequestering plastic into Ecobricks.

Each ecobrick is peer reviewed to determine whether its plastic meets the stringent requirements of plastic sequestration. Each authenticated gram of sequestered plastic is then recorded on our manual blockchain. To support ecobrikers around the world doing the hard work of sequestration and the platform, Authenticated plastic offset credits can then be purchased through the GEA.

So how does it work?

Arc works like a two-sided marketplace. On one side of the market, websites buy a fast, low-cost peer-to-peer CDN. On the other side, arc pays websites running Arc on their sites and which enable the network. Arc's widget (the floating circle you see in the bottom left corner of our site) provides access to both sides.

Websites share the revenue for the kilobytes of accelerated data that has been paid to Arc by CDN clients. This opportunity is available for any website now-- it only takes a few lines of code to get their purple widget going.

Going Green

To make things even more awesome, Arc & have developed a version of their widget in which websites opt to direct their revenue generation directly to plastic offsetting. By connecting this revenue to the purchase of AES plastic on the Brikcoin blockchain, we can track the amount of plastic sequestered by your website down to the gram. AES offset certification (with a record in the blockchain) is then be issued annually to participating websites. Soon this will also include CO2 offset credits.

It's a no cost way that you can speed up your website and contribute to the global plastic tansition movement.

Help us beta test the Green Popper

The green popper is now in beta testing! We're looking for webmasters with high traffic websites, who have they authorization and technical capabilities to manually add a javascipt embed to their site.

Contact: devteam (at) / Let us know your site URL, monthly traffic estimate and intention.


Arc has pioneered a decentralized content delivery network to provide an alternative to online advertisements.


Plastic Sequestration

Ecobricking is based on the concept of following the Earth's example in concentrating and securing our plastic indefinitely"

Plastic Sequestration

Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.

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For-Earth Enterprise

By discolosing our carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts and by ensuring that they are net-green, the GEA commits to for-Earth Enterprise

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