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Brikchain Explorer
All the Briks, Blocks & Transactions.

Search and explore the full chain of authenticated ecobricks, blocks and transactions that underly the brikcoin manual blockchain.

Every ecobrick that is authenticated on the GoBrik platform is permanently recorded as a non-fungible-brik (NFB) in the Brikcoin Manual Blockchain. With each authentication, the corresponding value of ecobrick sequestered plastic (AES plastic) is issued in brikcoins.

All blocks and transaction are recorded for a full and searcable public accounting. Yearly summations of the AES Plastic recorded, brikcoins generated and the cost of running the blockchain are used to generate the yearly value of 1Kg of AES value for plastic offseting. All authenticated ecobricks are recorded as a historical archive of each brik and to assist in the exchange of physical NFBs on the GoBrik Marketplace.

Use the tools below to search by either transition or by ecobrick.

Following the Earth's example through eco bricking

Earth Enterprise

The Brikchain is maintained by the Global Ecobrick Alliance, a not-for-profit, for-Earth enterprise dedicated to accelerating plastic transition.

About the GEA

Blocks & Transactions

An overview of all brikcoins generated and exchanged.

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Transaction Issued Sender Type Amount Ecobrick
Transaction Issued Sender Type Amount Ecobrick

AES Plastic Valuations

Each year the value of 1 Kg of AES plastic is determined by the ecobricks authenticated in that year. The net weight of the authenticated plastic is divided by the GEA's expenses maintaining the block chain (see the GEA's yearly Open Books financial accounting)

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YearBRK GeneratedAuthenticatedTotal AES PlasticYear Expenses1kg AES Value
202236758.10 ß68 ecobricks16.2 Kg9695.73 $ USD  $ USD
2021101763.80 ß4 ecobricks1.8 Kg18020.94 $ USD  $ USD
2020106789.94 ß38 ecobricks5.6 Kg18253.94 $ USD  $ USD
201999769.14 ß30 ecobricks1.7 Kg23720.37 $ USD  $ USD
20180.00 ß1 ecobricks0.6 Kg458.36 $ USD  $ USD

Authenticated Ecobricks

All the ecobricks authenticated and archived on chain.

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Brik Authenticated AES Plastic Value CO2e Serial
Brik Logged AES Plastic Value CO2e Serial