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Brickable Design
Make your plastic product or packaging circular using the Brickable Designator Icon.

The Brickable Designator Icon can be placed on single-use plastics to designate its next life as an ecobrick. Our free Kit contains everything you need to make your packaging and products circular and spiral.

Transitioning from plastic is not easy. Nor are today's industrial solutions for plastic processing satisfactory! However, plastic in-itself is not the cause of its pollution. Rather, it is our poor design and planning. In particular: the failure to designate a next-life for our plastic creations. And the our failure tend our the plans for plastic towards sequestration.

Designing a product as circular is the first and essential step in a business’s plastic transition. Planning our plastic toward's sequestration is the second. Phasing it out entirely is the third. Ecobrickable Designation enables companies to start their plastic transition today.


The context and call for cyclical design.

For many companies making the transition to regenerative products is daunting. It appears to require large investments in manufacturing, materials and systems. Furthermore it may seem that alternative organic materials do not yet meet health and safety standards and are not yet cost effective.

cyclical design icon

As a transition-step, plastic products and packaging can be made brickable!

Cyclical Circular Design

Designing a product as Ecobrickable, and clearly designating it as so, is a first step into circular and spiral design. By designating a product or package as ecobrickable we can keep plastic out of industrial recycling and incineration. Using the plastic to make it an ecobricks gives it a next life and purpose as a reusable building block.

Ecobricks and their applications are themselves fully circular and based on regenerative principles, enabling the plastic's indefinite and localized reuse towards long-term sequestration. Both the Brickable Designator Icon and ecobricking are based on following the Earth's example of carbon care and the ethics of ecologial contribution.

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Brickable Icon Useage Criteria

The material criteria for products to use the designator icon.

The GEA has established simple criteria to meet when designing your product or packaging. It is obligatory that your product meet these stipulation in order to use Ecobrickable Designator Symbol your product or packaging must…

  1. Must not contain substances that will corrode PET plastic over time.

  2. Must not contain any primary or secondary biodegradable material.

  3. Must can be easily disassembled, broken or cut into parts that can fit within the 22mm diameter neck of a standard PET bottle.

  4. Must maximizes the ease of disassembly for this purpose.

  5. Must not have sharp protrusions that could puncture an ecobrick from within while it is being packed down.

  6. Must not contain reactive chemicals, or if so, these components are clearly marked as un-brickable.

Creative Commons License

Conditions for graphic use

The Ecobrickable Designator & Stickers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This is to ensure the standardized and resonant usage of the designators by committed and resonant companies and individuals. See copyright notice and terms below.

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

See How Its Used.

Companies and corporations around the world use the designator icon for their non-recyclable packaging.

The designator icon can be used directly in packaging designs or added as sticker to pre-existing packaging and products.

Here's some examples of our useage:

Get Started!

Download the Brickable Designator Kit today to use on your legacy plastic products and packaging. The ZIP package includes:

  • Icon & Sticker Design Elements (Vector / PDF)
  • Recommended colors (Vector / PDF)
  • Example of A3 sticker printing (JPEG)
  • High, medium and low resolution icons (PNG)
  • Terms and Conditions of use (TXT)
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (TXT/PNG)

Get Started

Download the Brickable Designator Kit today.

🚀 Download Kit

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Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.

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Following the Earth's example through eco bricking

Circular & Spiral Design

Ecobricks and all their applications are designed for cycles of indefinite reuse.

Circular Design

Plastic Offsetting

Our Catalyst Program allows you to offset your plastic generation and support the global ecobrick movement.

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