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Visualizamos una transición del plástico en nuestros hogares, comunidades y empresas hacia una armonía cada vez más ecológica con los ciclos de la Tierra.
‚ÄĒ Declaraci√≥n de la visi√≥n de GEA

La Global Ecobrick Alliance es una empresa de la Tierra que acelera la transición plástica local y global. Lo hacemos a través de la difusión mandálica del ecobricking práctico y de principios para aumentar la conciencia ecológica.

La historia de Global Ecobrick Alliance comienza en el territorio tradicional del pueblo igorot (Kaigorotan) en las tierras altas del norte de Luzón en el Mar de Filipinas Occidental. Al esforzarnos por mantener nuestro plástico fuera del río, desarrollamos medios y métodos para nuestros hogares y comunidades que encarnaban el espíritu de Igorot Ayyew. Inspirados en la sabiduría indígena, hoy en día los principios y métodos de ecobricking son un medio para que los hogares, las empresas y las comunidades de todo el mundo aceleren su transición plástica.

La Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA) est√° compuesta por m√°s de 400 capacitadores de transici√≥n de todos los √°mbitos de la vida, edades y or√≠genes. Estamos conectados en todo el mundo en nuestra preocupaci√≥n por la biosfera y su da√Īo por la contaminaci√≥n pl√°stica. Estamos unidos por la soluci√≥n que hemos encontrado en nuestro ecobricking para transici√≥n del pl√°stico a una vida cada vez m√°s ecol√≥gica.

Siendo el cambio

Nos esforzamos por predicar con el ejemplo en nuestros hogares y empresas.

Como ecobrickers, hacemos un seguimiento de la cantidad de pl√°stico que consumimos cada mes, lo limpiamos, lo lavamos y lo guardamos. Empacamos nuestro pl√°stico en ecoladrillos que usamos en nuestros hogares para hacer nuestros muebles y jardines. Dirigimos capacitaciones sobre ecoladrillos para empresas, comunidades cercanas y lejanas. Tanto para nuestros hogares como para nuestras empresas, compensamos nuestro pl√°stico para asegurarnos de que nuestro hogar y nuestras empresas sean ecol√≥gicos netos. Realizamos un seguimiento y divulgamos nuestro progreso en la transici√≥n al pl√°stico, al igual que la Global Ecobrick Alliance lo hace cada a√Īo.

Nuestro ecobricking nos ha dado la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre nuestro propio consumo de pl√°stico. Creemos que resolver el pl√°stico es mucho m√°s complejo que las prohibiciones y el bamb√ļ. Si bien estos pasos son esenciales, resolver profundamente el pl√°stico requiere una transici√≥n extensa de la forma en que nuestra cultura moderna se integra con la biosfera.

We observe that our consumption and production of plastic is rooted in the global petroleum and capital powered economy.

In this way, the plastic that we handle each day is the tip of the iceberg of the petro-capital system that is at the root of today's many of our ecological crises. As such, plastic allows us to physically touch the petro-capital system that otherwise looms large and unseen around us. Our every plastic choice, from purchasing to disposing, results in factories spinning, trucks transporting, and oil refined-- or, not.

What we do with our plastic, as it adds or decreases the momentum of the petro-capital economy has imminent ecological consequence. Even though our personal choices may seem small, we observe that over time as our choices reverberate with others, they gather a momemtum over that time that has enormous ecological consequences. In this way, ‚Äėleading by personal example‚Äô is one of our core principles.

As we have come together as the Global Ecobrick Alliance, we’ve realized that to deeply solve plastic, we also have to lead by our allied action, enterprise structure and principles in manifesting plastic transition, ecological value and Earth service.

“When you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you must not think of yourself or of your family, not even of your generation. Make your decisions on behalf of the seven generations coming, so that they may enjoy what you have today.
‚ÄĒ Oren Lyons (Seneca), Onondaga Nation

Earth Enterprise

Our not-for-profit enterprise is focused on Earth service.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance operates as a not-for-profit enterprise with the mandate of for-Earth service. This means that, unlike a company, we have no share-holders or owners who gather profits. It aso, means that unlike an organizations, we do not receive charity, grants or CSR funds. This way we are not beholden to agendas outside of our mission and vision, nor a mandate of growth and profits.

We make eco bricks to serve the Earth

As an Earth enterprise our focus is on generation authentic ecological value.

We make eco bricks to serve the Earth

Revenue Generation

Through our Brikcoin blockchain this value is authenticated, quantified and valued in regular currency. We then sell Authenticated Ecobrick Sequestrated Plastic (AES plastic offsets) to fund our operations.

The GEA develops workshops and trainings that raise ecological consciousness around the dangers of plastic. These courses are lead by our trainer team, and serve as means for them to fund their own work (profit is shared 80/20 with the GEA).

The GEA develops regenerative, open source products that are made to specification by makers local to the country in which they are sold. These products are sold by our trainers to assist with their practice (see our EarthWand page for an example).

All of our operations are manifested through our GEA Trainer and Core Team‚Äď folks who have been through one of our advanced trainings and are perpetually committed and resonant with our mission, vision and principles. Our trainer team is constantly running GEA Trainings around the world, and are remunerated professionally for these services by the community groups, companies, governments, NGOs or organizations that hire them.

‚ÄúIn a world with NFP business at its heart, profit is a means by which social and environmental well-being is achieved; it is not a goal in itself.‚ÄĚ
‚Äď How on Earth, Hinton & Maclurcan (2016)

Principled Practice

As an Earth Enterprise the GEA follows seven principles that ensure our goals, operations and our results are deeply in line with our vision and mission in both the short and long-term.

1. For-Earth Service

Our enterprise follows the Earth's example in generating ecological value. To do so we strive to follow the principles of Earthen ethics: to serve the Earth first by supporting biodiversity, raising ecological awareness and maintaining a net-subtraction of carbon and plastic out of the biosphere by our enterprise.

eco bricks are a form of earth service
an eco brick is a form of earth service

2. Leading by Example

We strive to ensure that the processes, methods, products and services of our enterprise are fully in line with our principles. We track and disclose our ecological impacts to ensure that the net result of our enterprise is the subtraction of CO2 and plastic from the biosphere and the support of biodiversification. We work to raise ecological consciousness and empower others to follow our example.

3. Open Source

We make our resources, guides, and code open under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licenses.

4. Gender, Age, Status Transcendent

We strive to craft methods and processes that enable the participation of men and women, young and old, rich and poor and everyone in between.

5. Fair Remuneration for Earth Service

We strive to cultivate a space and parameters so that our trainers, specialists and principals receive fair and abundant remuneration for their service to the earth. As our enterprise expands we will ensure a wage bracket to maintain a defined ratio from the highest to the lowest paid person in the organization.

6. Financial and Impact Transparency

We strive to make all our financials, both in fiat currency and on our Brikcoin blockchain transparent and accessible. We commit to disclosing our net impacts in terms of CO2 and Plastic.

7. Not for Profit

We commit to not-for-profit enterprise without shareholders or owners. At the end of the year, any unspent funds will be reinvested back into the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

Learn more about ecobricking principles

Our Work.

We maintain the technical and conceptual infrastructure for the local and global ecobrick movements.


We maintain Ecobricks.org (this site) as the go-to source for up-to-date ecobrick information, methods, data and best-practices.


The GEA maintains and develops the free GoBrik.com web app to support and connect ecobrickers and their communities.

Brikcoin Manual Blockchain

The GEA has developed and now maintains the Brikcoin manual blockchain as a means to value the plastic sequestration ecobricking and to develop a medium of exchange based on ecological value. Brikcoins are generated and exchanged on the GoBrik webapp.

Ecobrick Best Practices

We maintain best practives and standards forthe making of ecobricks and the building applications of them.

Circles - Ecobrick Community Server

We maintain GEA Circles as a social media alternative for the global ecobricker community

Reports & Whitepapers

We actively developing and publishing reports, research and white papers on ecobrick and plastic transition topics.

Ecobrick Educational Resources

The GEA develops and deploys resources such as video tutorials on our youtube channel, photocopiable PDF guidebooks, Ecobrickable Design parameters and ecobrick trainings.

Plastic Accounting Coeffecients

The GEA researches, publishes and maintains standards for plastic equivalencies for regenerative accounting..

Academic, Scientific and Indigenous People's Dialogue & Support

The GEA dialogues with the scientists, academics and indigenous leaders to support their work reasearching plastic pollution and developing plastic transition solutions..

Contact Us

Connect with us directly.



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Development Team


Media Enquiries


Circles - Ecobrick Community Server

You can also connect with us directly on GEA Circles, our social media alternative for the global ecobricker community


We envision a Transition from Plastic in our Households, Communities and Enterprises to an ever Greener Harmony with Earth’s Cycles.

Our Mission

To raise Ecological Consciousness through the spread of Ecobricking and the transformation of global plastic into local solutions.


Our work is dedicated to our Children, our Children’s Children… and the children of all species, for all time.

Together we can be the transition to ever increasing harmony with the cycles of life.

Our 2020 Regenerative Report on our plastic transition eco bricking.

Annual Ecological Accounting

Every year we track, account and disclose our ecological impact in an annual Regenerativity Report.

Access Report

For-Earth Enterprise through eco bricking

For-Earth Enterprise

By discolosing our carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts and by ensuring that they are net-green, the GEA commits to for-Earth Enterprise

The Global Eco Brick Alliance

Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik app and the Brikcoin blockchain.