Regenerative principles
Our Principles
Sept 9th, 2022 Updated | Core Content
Ecobricking is guided by Earthen principles. By following the Earth's example of carbon care we can build the green world that we all long to live in. One ecobrick at a time.
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Regenerative ecobrick building methods
Build with Ecobricks
Sept 9th, 2022 Updated | Core Content
Learn about the various ways to put ecobricks to good use in everything from module to earth construction.
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Brikchain Explorer Live
Brikchain Explorer Live
Sept 9th, 2022 Updated | Core Content
The entire Brikcoin manual blockchain can now be explored using our upgrade chain tools. Review all the blocks, briks and transactions.
Brickable Designator Icon
New Brickable Designator Kit 2.0!
Sept 9th, 2022 Updated | Core Content
Still using plastic in your products and packaging? We're excited to launch our fully revamped brickable designator icon. Go circular today and jump start your plastic transition with the brickable icon.
Brickable Kit 2.0
eco bricks help keep plastic out of the ocean
Accelerating Plastic Transition

Together we can keep our plastic out of the oceans. With ecobricks we can secure plastic to build our greenest visions and ignite regenerative transition.

All About Ecobricks
What is an ecobrick? | How to Make? | Why Make?
eco bricks follow the Earth's example.
Following Earth's Example

Ecobricking follows Earth's example of concentrating and securing carbon out of the biosphere. Following the science of plastic degradation and Earthen principles, ecobricking is a non-capital, net-zero means of plastic sequestration.

Plastic Sequestration
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eco brick plastic brick building
The Problem is the Solution.

Ecobricks turn used plastic into reusable building blocks ideal for circular & spiral building applications. Ecobrick applications range from home furniture, to food-forest gardens to structures. By transforming the problem, we can build solutions!

Building Applications
Earth & Ecobrick Building | E&B Methods | Milstein Modules | Spiral & Circular | Open Spaces | Fire Safety
authenticated eco brick sequetration

Fast track your journey to zero-waste through plastic offsetting. Plastic offsets are directly correlated to authenticated ecobricked plastic through the Brikcoin manual blockchain.

Plastic Offsetting
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Eco-brick, eco brick, or ecobrick?

Back in the early days of putting plastic into a bottle we called it just that-- plastic bottle bricks! Then when we realized it was helpful to the ecosystems around us, the name changed to "eco bricks" or "eco-brick". Today 'ecobrick' is the Wikipedia recongnized term for the go-to, non-capital, zero-carbon solution for plastic sequestration

Learn about the main focus of the ecobrick movement and technology:

Plastic Transition