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El mercado de Ecoladrillos
El lugar para organizar intercambios de ecoladrillos, centros, trueques y devoluciones.

¿Tienes ecoladrillos? ¿Necesitas ecoladrillos? Para el Día de la Tierra de 2022, Global Ecobrick Alliance lanzó Brik Market: un espacio para publicar y organizar intercambios de ecoladrillos con ecoladrillos locales, proyectos y centros.

El Brik Market ha estado en desarrollo durante los últimos tres años por Alianza Global de Ecoladrillos (GEA). Es un espacio donde el plástico ecobrick se puede utilizar como medio de intercambio y moneda local, una parte clave de la misión de GEA de acelerar la transición plástica y agregar más valor a la ecología. servicio de secuestro de plástico. La plataforma GoBrik de Brik Market se conecta a la cadena de bloques manual de brikcoin.

Provide Ecobricks

"Where can I drop, donate or deliver ecobricks near me?"

Use the Brik Market to arrange exchanges or drop-offs of your ecobricks.

Ecobricks are awesome for small home projects. However, sometimes ecobrickers do not have space in their home or they want to assist projects in their community. On the Brik Market you can post an offer to give your ecobricks away, to trade or barter with them. All you need is a GoBrik account and a selection of logged and authenticated ecobricks.

where to donate ecobricks near me?

Authenticated Ecobricks Only

where to donate eco bricks near me?

The Brik Market only works with ecobricks that have been logged onto the GoBrik app and that have been sucessfully authenticated to meet GEA standards. This way, community hubs and project leaders can review the ecobricks that are being offered, and be confident that they are properly made

Offer for Nothing at All

Alternatively you can offer your ecobricks gratis. Be sure to specify the details for delivery when you make your offer

Trade & Barter

Offer your ecobricks for a product or service. You get to specify what you'd like to offer for exchange.

Sell using Brikcoins

Soon you'll be able to use your brikcoins on the market to avail of offers, barters and sales. This is not yet available, but coming soon!

Receive Ecobricks

"Where can I find ecobricks near me?".

Where can I find ecobricks near me?

Community Hubs

Some ecobrickers offer the service of collecting, storing and distributing ecobricks to community projects. This involves costs to them that they defer by charging for the service of collecting ecobricks or serving as drop-off centers.

We refer to these locations as "Ecobrick Community Hubs". They include cafes, zero-waste shops, restaurant and community centers that are helping accelerate plastic transition in their area. Paying their requested 'hub fee' is a way to support their valuable service. Hub fees are calculated as per Kg of AES plastic. When offering ecobricks, the system will automatically calculate the net weight of your batch and the total fee to be paid to the community hub upon delivery.

Pricing Ecobricked Plastic

On the Brik Market ecobricks are priced per Kg of AES plastic.

eco brik authentification process

In order to provide a consistent means of pricing ecobricks across their various sizes and shapes, we cost then per kg of authenticated ecobricked sequestered plastic (AES plastic). As only ecobricks that have been logged and authenticated on the GoBrik system are eligible for exchange, the net weight of each ecobrick is already recorded. This enables the calculation of the total weight of the batch of selected ecobricks being offered for exchanges.


Community Hubs specify their fee per Kg of AES plastic. This fee is arbitrary and set manually by the Hub. However, pricing is guided by the global AES price set by the GEA each year. This fee is multiplied by the net weight of the offered batch up ecobricks.

Start Exchanging

Starting perusing the Brik Market today. You'll need your GoBrik account to take or post offers. But that's ok, its easy and free to create one!

eco brick being bought with a brikcoin by a bird
🚀 Launch the Brik Market

We'll send you over to GoBrik in a new window!

The Global Eco Brick Alliance

Global Ecobrick Alliance

The GEA is dedicated to accelerating plastic transition. We preside over the GoBrik and Brik Market platforms.

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eco brik brikcoin blockchain

Brikcoin Blockchain

The Brik Market makes use of authenticated ecobrick sequestered plastic that has been validated on our chain.

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eco brik and earth building can make regenerative structures

Plastic Transition

Using ecobricks as a means of community barter and exchange is another way to go local and reduce our reliance on the petro-capital economy.

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